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FEH Comics

Faith Erin Hicks' Comics Blog

Faith Erin Hicks' Comics Blog
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This is the comics blog of Faith Erin Hicks, where she posts random stuff about her various comics.
Hi there all. This is the update community originally for Demonology 101, an online comic written/drawn/created by me (Faith). D101 has since ended, wrapping up at over 700 pages long, and I have moved on to other comics. There was a short D101 spinoff, and there is also my Modern Tales comic, Ice. As well, I post here about miscellaneous comic projects, such as my zombie movie spoof Zombies Calling (on hiatus) and my 24 Hour Comics. I also have a personal webpage (art, writing, wombats).

All are welcome to post here. If you want to send me fanart, this is a great place to post it in, as I am slow with email at the moment. The same goes for questions you'd really like answered.