Faith Erin Hicks, Girl Reporter (smuu) wrote in demonology101,
Faith Erin Hicks, Girl Reporter

Jenny Has Six Brothers, FINAL COMIC

And with today comes the very last comic strip on our twelve comic odyssey, a veritable tour de force of comedic wit. Or something. Anyway, obviously I'd had no plan with this whole thing, so wrapped the whole thing up magically in one giant swoop. Which ... was actually kind of sad, because once you get working on something (or at least, so I find) and discover who the characters are, different situations start popping into your head and the story becomes much richer (which is how sequels are born! ... and also in the bowels of Hollywood hell). Unfortunately for this particular project I was so jammed up with work I couldn't continue it, a problem that persists today (yet I am so very poor ... when does all this turn into a living wage? Sigh).

Your final comic strip for today. So thanks for reading, and I appreciate those who left comments. I hope you enjoyed the trip.

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