Faith Erin Hicks, Girl Reporter (smuu) wrote in demonology101,
Faith Erin Hicks, Girl Reporter

Free Comic Book Day on May 3rd (this Saturday)

If in the off chance someone in the Halifax area didn't see my personal LJ post, here is a helpful crosspost:

Free Comic Book Day! It's this Saturday! May 3rd! And I'm so excited! Strange Adventures will be having a hoopla (yes, that is the official term) for it, and I'll be there and drawing on things. Probably small children. And body parts. So if you're in Halifax this Saturday, come by the store and get free comics and stuff, and say hi to me. (Actually, I think FCBD will be at the church right next to the Spring Garden Library at Spring Garden Road and Brunswick Street, because the thought of cramming hundreds of people into that tiny store makes my claustrophobia itch just a wee bit. Anyway, whatever, I'm sure you'll be able to find where it is. Just follow the hordes of people.). And there'll be other artists there too, so you can talk to them instead of me if I'm scary or something.

However, if you do come talk to me, I'll give you a preview ashcan of my mysterious new graphic novel, which'll be published by SLG in December or thereabouts (barring my hand falling off, which at this point is a real possibility). Already it's getting rave reviews from my friends, one of whom commented (in an outrageous French Canadian accent): "I think this one will do better because the art is better. I don't remember any backgrounds in Zombies Calling." Me: "WHAT." And then I stabbed him with a fork. It was awesome.

So, to sum up:
Free Comic Book Day in Halifax at Strange Adventures on May 3rd. (You should come.)
I and other artists better than I will be there, drawing. (Again, an incentive for you to come. )
I will have free preview ashcans of my new SLG book for giving away. (Holy cow, more incentives to come! I'm there!)

So be there or be square. :D

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