Faith Erin Hicks, Girl Reporter (smuu) wrote in demonology101,
Faith Erin Hicks, Girl Reporter


Whoa, the daylight savings thing got me ... I have to go to bed.

So yeah, sorry, no update today. I'm really jammed up at the moment (finally got some freelance, due tomorrow as well as stuff to do for SLG), so of course updating Ice is the first thing to slide. I am hoping (HOPING) my unemployment will be ending soon, because it's been an exhausting slog, fighting for freelance and trying to do commissions and get other non-paying but hopefully paying some day things lined up ... just, yeah. It's been a little overwhelming. I don't think I'm really cut out for freelance life. I like the stability (and normal work hours) of a job. But apparently things will be coming into the studio soon, so yay. It's been rough. Like most people, I'm sure, it's hard to act professionally when you feel you aren't being treated professionally on the other person's end. Bah.

Also, SLG mentioned I'm working on something new for them, so ... here, have my favourite panel:

I like drawing trees. My next comic will be set entirely in a forest. But, of course, because I'm incapable of doing other types of stories, will be about kids going to high school or university. Maybe the high school/university lives of tree nymphs or something... XD Anyway, stay tuned.

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