January 18th, 2009

  • smuu

Ice Update + end of this LJ

A couple of things to announce. First of all:

OH MY GOD ICE IS UPDATED!! ... nearly a year after the last update ... dear lord. I apologize for that. But I was ... uh, busy and kidnapped by aliens and stuff. And after all that time, only five new pages ... but whatever! An update! Hurrah! ... another cliffhanger!

My New Year's resolution is to finish Ice this year, so I'm going to try hard to do that. Probably one or two pages every other week, which is a schedule that's worked well for me in the past, and hopefully I'll be able to scrape together some time for, despite my currently insane workload. I want it finished. It's so close to the end anyway.

In an attempt to streamline things, I'm going to be discontinuing updates on this LJ, and instead announcing them on my "personal" (although it's not really personal any more) LJ, smuu. I really hope everyone who watches this LJ for the updates will keep an eye on the other one from now on. I've kind of stopped using this LJ anyway, and didn't even bother to update it when my latest graphic novel came out (The War at Ellsmere! It was out December 3rd, so you can buy it now!). It's annoying to update multiple LJs, and smuu becoming more of a 'hey, lookit my comics and my stupid opinions on comics!' blog anyway, so ... yeah. I'm a one-blog woman. Except for the sketchblog, that is. That one'll remain separate, for various reasons.

So anyway, I would like to thank everyone who've been a part of this update blog, and I hope you'll join me over at the other blog, where content is posted more often. In the mean time, here are links to everything of mine on the internets:

My most recent graphic novel: The War at Ellsmere (SLG Publishing)
My debut graphic novel: Zombies Calling (SLG Publishing)
My current online comic (updating): Ice
My first online comic (complete): Demonology 101
My website: Suspicious Polo Players
My blog: smuu
My sketchblog (with friends): killthehubble
My deviantart account.
... and my twitter account.
Closing thought: This August it will have been TEN YEARS since I started Demonology 101. TEN YEARS since I started doing comics! Crazy.